Credit: Co-Director | Editor
In North Memphis, a neighborhood most known for its struggles, a public Montessori school is changing the way people think about the community and providing a different model for the best way to foster a healthy identity in young children.

~ Credits ~
Executive Producer: 180 Studio / Sam Chaltain
Production Company: Pigeon Roost Collaborative
Producer/Project Manager: Aaron Baggett
Directors: Aaron Baggett & Jordan Danelz
Cinematographers: Jordan Danelz & Aaron Baggett
Sound: Jared Callan
Aerial DP: Brian Pitre
Post House: Vampire Post
Editor: Aaron Baggett
Sound Design: Dwight Chalmers
Sound Mix: Kirk Smith / Aaron Baggett
Camera House: LensRentals
G&E: Firefly
Music: Tony Anderson, Luke Atencio, Chris Coleman
Licensed via MusicBed (Sync ID: MB01QLNU3S8JOSS)
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