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Here's what some people say about me...
Yesi (Wife)
One night we're sitting on his roof top and he told me he wanted to be a cinematographer. I thought to myself: "mmm he's an artist, this is not going to last long.” Six years later we're here sharing a life together. Aaron is the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever known; to him, every moment is full of intensity and emotion. Each day is repleted of ideas and motivation. 
His dream is to tell stories. Life stories. Real stories.  Stories that can contribute to the world; stories that can bring truth and light into the darkest parts of our world and our history. 
Aaron sees everything through the lenses of his camera. I mean everything. Every conversation we have becomes a movie in his mind, he's always visualizing. He asks the most random questions, like, “Were you sitting on the right or the left? Did that person stand up and say that or did she say that and then stand up?" Yeah, he drives me crazy... Everything to him has the potential to be portrayed in a beautiful shot. The reflections of the sun, the movement of the leaves, tears rolling down the eyes.. he can bring each moment to life. Being able to see beauty even in the what's been broken or destroyed it’s a gift. Aaron wants to use his gift to tell stories that are being ignored. Stories that can help us fight for freedom for the oppressed, silenced and ignored.

Jared Myers (Client & Friend)
“Being able to tell people that a resident of our community made our film is very special. Aaron is an asset to our community and he believes in our neighborhood’s motto that we rise by lifting others. His style gives the viewer a sense of wonderment. His low-profile views and angles give you the feeling that you are experiencing the moment as a child. This unique filming style makes you feel younger and draws you into the moment.”

Chaplin (my dog)

Thomas (my son)
Da-da. Auto. Go. Mama. Mas nana. Dog!

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