With the help of the United Nations Refugee Agency, World Relief welcomes and resettles thousands of refugees referred to the United States each year and helps them in securing housing, employment and education.  World Relief provides compassionate and holistic care from the moment a refugee arrives at the airport all the way through to their journey of self-sufficiency.  
"Overcome" offers a glimpse into World Relief Memphis and the refugees they’ve helped resettle in Memphis Tennessee.
Special thanks to Emmanuel, Zubaidah, Karamba, Ahmad, Mohammad, Daoud and The Barrouk Family for sharing their stories with us.
Producer: Aaron Baggett
Director: Jordan Danelz
Cinematographer: Aaron Baggett
Production Coordinator: Kate Lindsey
Executive Producer: World Relief Memphis
Sound:  Brandon Robertson
Arabic Translator: Claudia Ayoub
Post Production: Aaron Baggett
Camera House: Lensrentals.com
Grip and Electric: Firefly Grip and Electric
Music Licensed by: Music Bed

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