2020 REEL
None of the projects could have happened without such a great team!

A Special THANKS
Jordan Danelz, Sam Chaltain, Phil Bertelsen, Javier Colón,
Laura Jean, Josh Boyd, Jared Callan, Jake Geyer,
Tyler Woodward, Ben Rednour.

For Supporting my Direction, 
Directing me as a Cinematographer or Camera Operator
or Supporting me in Post Production!

Director - Nuestra
Director/DP - Can You?
Co-Director/Co-DP - A Little Piece of Something
Co-Director/Co-DP - Wonder Pilot Series
Cinematographer - Valley of The Children
Additional DP - Hope and Fury
Camera Operator - LKF Contractors
Camera Operator / Colorist - Another Girl Another Planet
2017 REEL
A bunch of shots... This is what filmmakers do to get hired. (Hence "reel" reel those jobs in)


“El Futbolista” | Narrative 2018 - Director/Cinematographer

“Brick In The Wall” | Documentary 2017- Cinematographer

“Crosstown High Rethink” | Commercial 2017 - Cinematographer

“The Renewal” | Documentary 2017 - Director/Cinematographer

“Overcome” | Documentary 2016 - Cinematographer

“The Heights” | Commercial 2016 - Cinematographer

“Grizzlies Prep” | Commercial 2016 - Cinematographer

Music Licensed by: MusicBed
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