After fleeing the war in Sudan as a young child, Scovia could have easily been left behind or fallen through the cracks of society. Instead, people invested in her future to ensure that she could always move forwards in life. Her story is one of renewal. And now you have the opportunity to join Scovia in bringing renewal to her people. Announcing The Renewal, our easiest and most effective way to empower the Sudanese yet.
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Executive Producer: Mark Hackett
Script: Scovia Wilson and Mark Hackett
Creative Direction: Jacob Geyer
Director: Aaron Baggett
Cinematographer: Aaron Baggett
B Camera: Jacob Geyer
Sudan Footage Camera Operators: Josh Boyd, Aaron Baggett, and Tomo Kriznar 
Sound: Stephen Hackett
Voiceover: Scovia Wilson
Post Production Supervisor: Aaron Baggett
Editor: Aaron Baggett
2nd Editor: Jacob Geyer
Sound Design: Dwight Chalmers
Music: Tony Anderson via The Music Bed
Camera Support: Lens Rentals, Sevans Film, Firefly Grip
Talent: Scovia Wilson, Katie Barber, Kate Friedel, and Laura Kebede

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