One of the most important things we can do as followers of Jesus is to welcome those who are seeking refuge. The only difference between someone that is labeled a "refugee" and someone that is not is circumstance. “Valley of the Children” is about turning loss into strength and revealing the externalities that put us at odds with one another. “Family is more than just a biological connection” and those of us who are strong and capable enough should lend a hand down to others. After all, “if we aren’t friends, if we aren’t neighbors, if we aren’t family… than what are we?”

We hope this film inspires you today to reach out to your neighbor and to love them.

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Executive Producer: World Relief Memphis
Production Company: Pigeon Roost Collaborative
Director|Co-Producer: Jordan Danelz
Cinematographer|Producer: Aaron Baggett
Assistant Camera: Jake Geyer
Production Assistant: Yesica Baggett
Aerial DP: Peter Brasswell
Swahili Translator: Rett Janzen
Additional Translator: Basuze Madogo
Arabic Translator: Jim Trimble
Arabic Dialog Translator: Waheed Alqawasmi
Cordinator: Karen Spencer
Additional Cordinator: Christi Jenczyk
Post House: Vampire Post
Original Score: Amos Cochran
Sound Design: Stuck On On, Dwight Chalmers
VFX: Jason Allen Lee, Josh Boyd
Camera House: Basecam
G&E: Firefly
Sound Gear: Brandon Robertson

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